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Namecoin Product Metadata : Publish product metadata

This is a very preliminary specification and warrants review. Please discuss.


The purpose of p/ is to publish product information in a secure and decentralized manner.

  • Potential benefits
    • An application's publisher and author, and other meta-data are secured and decentralized.
    • An application can notify the user if a new version is available without needing to contact a central authority.
  • Supports signer, author and publisher using NMC addresses or nameid's (id/)


  • namespace : p/
  • name :

- max 255 characters,

- lowercase,

- a-z, 0-9

- space : max one space between other characters, not as first or last

- prefixed with "p/"

Regexp (to be confirmed) :

^p/[a-z0-9]([ ]?[a-z0-9])*$
  • value : max 1023 characters, json encoded


  "name": "Namecoin ",
  "url": [
  "signer": "NDx9uucFbU8a3htyPHa3mRhanjJzNEUXN9",
  "producer": "id/dotbit",
  "author": "id/khal",
  "version": "0.3.72",
  "dist": [
      "os": "w",
      "type": "i",
      "file": "namecoin_win_vQ.3.72.zip",
      "hash": {
        "md256": "43281641b85e77c4135bc0d77644854719a622d92c04ee492a48c072b02756b5"
      "type": "s",
      "file": "vQ.3.72.zip",
      "hash": {
        "sha256": "19a622d92c04ee492a48c072b02756b543281641b85e77c4135bc0d776448547"

Registered Applications