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This is a quick draft of a proposal for groups in namecoin, to serve as a base for discussion. This page is not attempting at all to represent a finished proposal.

I propose a json key called "members" which is an array of id names. For instance "members": ["id/domob", "id/khalahan", ...] This could be a part of the id/ namespace specification, so id/namecoin_dev would have the above group entry, in addition to normal id/ information. Alternatively a new namespace, say g/ could be created to house this information.

Pros of using id/

  • Compatibility with nameid
    • This could allow shared accounts on some sites
  • Capacity to create complicated trees of organization

Cons of using id/

  • No real way to prevent cyclic references, this may cause grief for software using id/ that wishes to support groups
    • This isn't a dealbreaker, allowing org trees at all will open the door to this.
  • Shared accounts may be dangerous if a member's id/ entry expires